Engagement ring etiquette: a groom's guide

With ladies and rings, the details are a bit clearer - what shape I want, what metal I prefer etc!

But how do guys approach shopping for rings? Who better to ask than someone who just popped the question recently - read below for more!

Q: What shape of diamond should I get?
A: I think it depends on what your fiancee would love. In my own case, I got the oval shaped diamond. It seemed very simple and elegant at the same time. I think the clarity of the diamond you want will also influence the shape of the diamond you get - I got H clarity, because for oval shaped diamonds clarity D to H is quite white.

Q: What type of metal should I choose?
A: I went for the white gold. It looks really complimentary to the shape of the diamond - so my advice is get something that compliments the choice of your diamond shape.

Q: How did you choose a jeweller?
A: A combination of instagram sellers, google searches, youtube videos help me narrow down my choice of Jeweller. I like people who are able to present options that match my interest and it also helped that I had already decided on the diamond shape before I started looking for a jeweller. I also factored in production time because I needed it done in less than 6 weeks. Another important thing is finding jewellers who would provide certification of authenticity with the diamond.

Q: How much should I spend?
A: Lol. Some people say 3 months salary - but I think those people don’t have to worry about rent. While it’s still the most expensive thing I have purchased till date, I spent less than 1 month’s salary and still got a discount from my jeweller.

Q: After getting the proposal, anything other important considerations?
A: Insurance is one of them. It helps if your jeweller has done the valuation of your ring, then you can talk to an insurer to make sure it is covered in cases of theft.
Some jewellers have a policy where they are able to adjust the ring for free if it’s not the right size since they know people struggle with sizing. You should also keep cleaning in mind, you would need to get it professionally cleaned approximately every 2 years.