Quick facts: Nigerian court wedding

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The court/ civil wedding is officially recognised by the Federal Government as proof of marriage between you and your loved one.

We’ve scoured the net for information on how to plan a court wedding. In addition to the official Ministry of Interior website and additional links provided, we’ve put together this quick facts summary on things not to miss. Please refer to the full details via the links when planning - strict requirements apply.

Useful links to help you navigate how to plan your court wedding in Nigeria:

  1. https://ecitibiz.interior.gov.ng/marriage/overview

  2. https://ecitibiz.interior.gov.ng/home/FAQ

  3. https://www.pulse.ng/lifestyle/relationships-weddings/civil-wedding-how-to-get-married-legally-in-nigeria/t0p2y69

  4. https://nigerianinfopedia.com.ng/court-wedding-in-nigeria/

  5. https://nigerianfinder.com/court-wedding-in-nigeria/

Thanks for this, it is really helpful!

The part that jumps out to me is the difference between local and special marriages. To clarify, does marrying a Nigerian citizen resident abroad (only has a work permit i.e. no foreign citizenship/permanent settlement status) also classify as a special marriage? :persevere:

Also, what would you say are the main differences between both marriages? (…cost, forms?)

Thanks for your note Teju - glad you found this post useful!

  1. Yes, our understanding is that if one or both of you are Nigerian citizens residing abroad, this will be classified as a special marriage.

  2. Main difference appears to be slightly longer requirements and fees for the special marriage. Some useful links below.
    https://bit.ly/2X7xyR5 (Ministry of Interior detail on marriage requirement)
    https://bit.ly/30X2Ifd (Ministry of Interior detail on costing)
    https://bit.ly/2Evr5Jq (Relevant article but slightly outdated)

Hope the above has been useful! With processes involving government agencies, our ultimate advice is to follow the steps on the website/ instructions provided during a physical visit.