Souvenir ideas for your wedding (all under 1,500 Naira/ piece)

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Thinking of wedding souvenirs for your Nigerian wedding - we’ve got your back. We’ve scoured the internet for some of the best souvenir ideas - from functional to cute gifts that will leave a smile on your guests’ faces.

FYI - prices and item availability valid as at the time of publication. With buying online, we would advise to engage in further research before placing orders.

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1. A vanilla scent reed diffuser which promises a last longing smell - might as well get a few pieces for your new home

Get it here for 1,400 Naira a piece

2. A 2pc spice rack set because some things are just better in pairs

Get it here for 410 Naira a piece

3. A multifunction knife storage rack to help keep their kitchen tidy and their hands safe

Get it here for 1,000 Naira a piece

4. A water bottle which also doubles as a pill organiser - doesn’t get better than that!

Get it here for 1,280 Naira a piece

5. A manual peeler/ slicer - possibly one of the most underrated kitchen utensils

Get it here for 700 Naira a piece

6. A measuring cup and spoon set, which is perfect for the avid baker guest

Get it here for 1,500 Naira a piece

7. A big plastic basket - great as it’s multipurpose (kitchen, bathroom etc) leaving your guests feeling spoiled for choice

Get it here for 490 Naira a piece

8. A 2pc oven mitt & pot holder set - these colourful set is bound to make a splash in their kitchen!

Get it here for 375 Naira a piece

9. A straight plantain slicer, taking the stress out of making this classic Nigerian dish

Get it here for 876 Naira a piece

10. A 2pc sink set, comes in a lovely two-tone colour and ideal for keeping sink areas tidy!

Get it here for 900 Naira a piece

11. A manicure set, in a lovely apple shaped packaging and helping everyone can achieve their grooming goals in their own house!

Get it here for 542 Naira a piece

12. A cloth peg and basket set cause we all know there is nothing like too many cloth pegs in a Nigerian household

Get it here for 900 Naira a piece

13. A perfume travel bottle ideal for your city-hopping, globe-trotting guest never to be caught without their favorite scent

Get it here for 1,200 Naira a piece

14. A cosmetic organiser - help your guests achieve their organisation goals with the transparent storage box

Get it here for 730 Naira a piece

15. We know we said 1,500 and under but this egg organiser is a must for all fridges!

Get it here for 1,515 Naira a piece