Nigerian wedding advice: Giving your DJ a 'Do not play' list

We all have songs that we like, maybe even love! But what about songs that we don’t like - what songs are you telling your DJ to definitely not play at your wedding?

As much as I’m a closet Marlian, mine is Soapy by Naira Marley

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Eyin Omo instagram or whatever the song is called!

If it were many years ago, I would’ve said that ridiculous ‘one corner’ song. But soapy by Naira Marley is also on the list.

One corner, absolutely not! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

This is something I never realised was absolutely important until now!
Soapy is definitely on my list as well!!

Anything naira Marley

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There will definitely be do not play so that we won’t have problem later.
It’s an important thing to note