Satin wedding dresses - what to consider + style inspiration

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The satin (not to be confused with sateen) fabric is known for its shimmer/ shininess which typically gives a luxurious feeling to one’s outfit. This leaves little wonder as to why satin is one of top fabric choices for wedding and other formal wear.

If your dream look involves a satin dress, check out the below tips to ensure that execution is to the tee! I’ve also included some of my top finds for satin wedding dresses, to help with inspiration as you shop for your dream dress.

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  • Heaviness: satin comes in different variations and some are more light-weight than others. Heaviness might be a concern for you (say, for example, if you plan to wear this outfit for several hours) and if so, make sure to take this account whilst dress shopping
  • Fabric care: dry-cleaning is a better option for satin fabrics with a silk weave. Satin made with synthetic fibres can be washed by hand or in the washing machine (gentle cycle). Another top tip - lay your dress flat when dry to avoid wringing
  • On-the-day prep: to smooth out any wrinkles, try using a steaming machine (as opposed to a normal iron). Steaming when done properly will give you better heat control and avoid any iron-related issues (e.g. burning or creasing). Always remember to steam inside out first and proceed to gently steam the outside of the item after.

Style inspiration

Design by Elizabeth & Lace Bridal

Design by Laide Fash Bridals

Design by Imad Eduso Bridal

Design by AprilbyKunbi

Design by Anne Barge

Design by Savannah Miller Bridal

Design by Mide Grey

Design by Pronovias

Design by Tubo

Design by Milla Nova

I hope these tips have been helpful, whether you’re deep into your planning process, recently engaged or a curious singleton. We’re keen to hear top tips on how to plan best and stress less - leave a comment and let’s get chatting.