Vendor Corner - Interview with The Katchy Glam

Wedding planning entails a lot of things, but an aspect to never skip is hair and makeup. It is just that one aspect that needs the most time and attention on your big day, and as a bride, there are opportunities to make this fun and comfortable for yourself and the wedding makeup artist of your choice.

Then we got curious about what makeup artists do. So we decided to reach out to The Katchy Glam, a Nigerian-based makeup artist, to help us give you everything and anything you need to know about finding the best makeup artist for your big day!

Please tell us a bit about your business and makeup style?
My name is Ginikachi Chukwunwendu, popularly known as The Katchy Glam. My interest in makeup bloomed when I was in University, and I was lucky enough to take part in an entrepreneurship course then, which helped me nurture my makeup talent. Since then, it’s been a fantastic journey with more wins than hiccups!

I tend to go for soft and skinlike makeup looks for my clients. I use makeup to enhance the existing features on my clients’ faces and not alter their original facial structures and beauty.

At what point in the planning process do you typically work with couples?
My wedding makeup packages are structured to start working with brides before their big day! Brides will typically make the first approach through enquiries, and we start working together from the couples’ pre-wedding shoot. The pre-wedding shoot helps me gauge the couples’ energy and aura; it gives me a sense of what to anticipate on the wedding day.

What key advice would you give brides when looking for a wedding makeup artist?
As a start, a bride must know how she wants to look and recognise that different makeup artists have different makeup styles. Understand that your facial features are unique; for example, a shade of lipstick or brow shape might not suit you. Brides should look out for the bridal makeup style they are comfortable with and find a makeup artist to help them achieve this!

It helps to engage with makeup artists that offer consultation services; you get to see what you look like with their makeup and determine what you like or don’t like. If you want a particular change, it’s easier to communicate and give honest feedback after the consultation. The consultation sessions are usually not free, so be ready to part with your money should you end up not resonating with a makeup artist’s work.

Find a makeup artist that you are comfortable with their style of makeup, it makes the relationship more effortless, and everyone is happier.

What ways would you say is the best to find the perfect makeup artist for your wedding?

Social media is helpful for finding makeup artists, especially when hashtags are used and you search by location too. Exploring dedicated wedding accounts on social media is another way of finding makeup artists, but I should warn you that this can be a lot of work. Referrals from friends are also a way of finding makeup artists because you can get first-hand reviews from someone who has worked with a vendor you are considering. It also helps if you see a makeup artist work live, perhaps as a bridesmaid or friend of the bride - you can easily judge their vibes and skills to know if they are a good fit for you!

How do you make a bride’s wedding experience the best it can be?
The best thing I can do for my brides is to be punctual on their wedding day because makeup usually starts the day for a bride. Brides are typically tense on their wedding day, so being late does not help. Using quality products on my brides is a no-brainer because I want to ensure they get their money’s worth. Beyond the makeup, I try to show intentionality by caring for my brides and making them feel comfortable!