Weddings and Self Care

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‘Sometimes, the most important thing is the thing most easily forgotten.’

As your wedding approaches, and the hustle and bustle of planning begins to set in, it becomes exceedingly easy to get caught up with trying to find the perfect wine, the perfect floral arrangement, or the perfect aso-ebi. While striving for perfection is quite essential, do not forget the most important aspect of your wedding - you!

Keep in mind, from time to time, that without YOU, there’ll be no wedding to plan in the first place. You are the pillar that holds the existence of the entire celebration, so treat yourself with such importance!

Self care is extremely important to inculcate into your wedding plans, particularly to avoid getting exhausted and overwhelmed by the other activities.

Whether before, during, or post-wedding, these tips will give you the ultimate hint into the art of wedding and self-care, just like an expert :wink:

1. Delegate tasks to trusted people

Planning a wedding is not an easy task, and ideally, you cannot do it all on your own. To avoid getting overwhelmed, it is vital to delegate certain tasks to people you know and trust directly. Hire a trusted wedding planner, whom you’re confident in to get the job done. You may also ask your close friends and family for help on little tasks. Getting people to help out with tasks will ensure you do not get too burdened and stressed during this period. And of course, two heads are always better than one; you may actually get hints on things that may have passed your mind when you let people into your plan.

2. Do Not Ignore Your Diet/Nutrition

As your wedding approaches, ensure to have a fine, balanced, and healthy diet. We know it’s easy to get seized by desperation and panic at the thought of wanting to be a perfect size for your wedding, or wanting to fit into a certain dress you’ve been eyeing. DO NOT let this panic induce you into submitting yourself to unhealthy crash diets. Good nutrition is important to lead a healthy lifestyle, and that should be your ultimate priority. If you, however, feel anxious, consult a nutritionist; they are experts and will be able to recommend what is best for you.

Do not forget, a healthy diet makes a happy person; and what more will be our joy than to see a fine, healthy and happy bride and groom :slight_smile:

3. Prioritize your Health

It is essential that both your mental and physical health are in the best shape. You sure do not want to come down with an illness on your big day! On the other hand, do not allow the pressure, stress and anxiety that results from planning to take a toll on you. Adopt healthy, stress relieving activities such as yoga or meditation. Studies show that meditation may help to reduce stress, curb anxiety, and enhance your overall health in general. Take healthy supplements that could help boost your immune system. You may also engage in therapy or counseling sessions, or at most, see a doctor, if you believe you may need professional help. It would be an absolute blow for your health to take a dip on your special day, avoid it!

4. Have a Healthy Sleep routine

A healthy sleep routine could help curb stress, improve clarity, rejuvenate your mind and body, and keep you fit and healthy. Through the persistent turbulence involved in planning your wedding, ensure you schedule in some healthy sleep time as well!

5. Engage in Fun/Healthy Recreations

Sometimes, you need to actually sit back, and relax :wink: Do not get too immersed In work, that you forget to actually get some fun! In your free time, you may take up some fun and healthy activities that you genuinely enjoy. Exercise, but avoid extreme or hard-core types of exercises. Take long leisure walks, sleep well, book a spa treatment, meditate, go out with friends, and of course engage in your hobbies. The essence of all these is to help you relax in the midst of the wild frenzy that comes with wedding planning. Do not overexert yourself to the point of breakdown, it’s not worth it!

Here are some extra fun activities you can indulge in:

  • Movie nights
  • Swimming
  • Dining/eating out with friends
  • Slumber party with friends
  • Weekend getaway ( with friends or with your partner)
  • Take dance classes
  • Have a fun day at the beach

The list is endless!

Remember, self-care is not frivolity, it is self preservation. Do well to preserve yourself before your big day.
And remember: ‘Sometimes, the most important thing is the thing most easily forgotten’. YOU are the most important at your own wedding, do not forget to take care of yourself!